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Something & Nothing

SELTZER TASTER SET | Something & Nothing |

SELTZER TASTER SET | Something & Nothing |

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Dieses Taster Set enthält je nach Variante eine oder zwei Dosen jeder Geschmacksrichtung Yuzo, Cucumber oder Hibiscus Rose.

“Something & Nothing” wurde 2017 in London von Rupert Pugsley und Oliver Dixon gegründet.

Wanting to refresh people with a delicious drink made from natural ingredients but also with nourishing and positive content, art and ideas, the brand introduced their Vegan-friendly Seltzers. More than just a crisp and tasty beverage. It’s an inspirational coming together of people, music, art, food, place and design.

They are based on sparkling water and have several delicious flavours  

 cucumber, yuzu and hibiscus rose.

They are designed to work as a refreshing stand-alone drink and as a versatile mixer with premium spirits (gin, tequila, etc).

  • Only natural ingredients, nothing artificial.
  • No added sugar or fake sweeteners. 
  • Crisp, clean and low in calories.
  • Perfectly blended to deliver a full flavour
  • Vegan
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