WEINPROBIERPAKET WINTER | 6 x 0.75l | Becker Landgraf

Becker Landgraf

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Das Weinprobierpaket Winter enthällt 6 Flaschen 0,75l:

1x 2019er Weißburgunder & Chardonnay

1x 2019er Grauburgunder

1x 2019er Gau-Odernheimer Weißburgunder

1x 2018er Gau-Odernheimer Spätburgunder

1x 2016er Gau-Odernheimer Sankt Laurent

1x 2016er Riesling Herrgottspfad

The Becker Landgraf Winery lies in the heart of Rheinhessen - the largest of 13 German wine regions for quality wines.

Passionate winemakers Julia and Johannes (J2) Landgraf are continuing the tradition of two winemaking families, but with their own very special approach: working with as little vineyard and cellar intervention as possible, using only organic fertiliser.

In the cellar they don't add any specific yeast to get the fermentation process started, they use the yeast of the cellar itself.

The source of the distinctive character of the wines is found in their vineyards and starts with quality-oriented vine-pruning focused on the harvest, followed by intensive attention to the foliage. The culmination is selective hand-picking in several stages.

In order to produce multi-layered and authentic wines they combine cutting-edge cellar technology with old elements.

“Our wines are living and every barrel is developed by us personally”.