Gentle Gin

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A classic dry botanical base with the crisp flavour of borage flowers and a blend of organic handpicked Earl Grey and Pai Mu Dan teas.

A blended together love of tea and fine spirits, resulting in a delicate and complex blend that can be sipped over ice or mixed in more classic gin cocktails.


Gentle Gin might sound British, but it is a Berlin brand making the finest gin.

Several years ago the founders came to a conclusion that there are not many gins out there that were so smooth that they could be sipped over ice. This is how the idea for the start-up appeared. 

Gentle Gin is produced from finely brewed handcrafted alcohol, from local German grain. All gins are double distilled in a traditional copper still, produced in small batches, infused by high quality botanical ingredients from selected farmers and completely self-made.

Gentle Gin can be served pure, on ice as well as gin & tonic.